2019 TYLERSTRONG Tournament.  Thanks to all that made this another sucessful tournament!!

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Vince Lombardi one said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”  Tyler overcame many challenges through his 17 years, but never saw them as a challenge, he just never quit.  This started right when he was a baby coming into this world 6 weeks early, through his toddler years where he overcame kidney issues and five surgeries, and then in fifth grade where he overcame a blood clot in his brain.  During that time, Tyler developed a love of sports and what it means to be a part of a team.

Tyler played youth baseball (where he also coached and umpired), recreation soccer and basketball, JV golf, and his biggest love was that of football starting with flag football to Varsity football.  He loved everything about the sport whether it was playing or coaching alongside his father when he couldn’t play for a couple of years as he recovered from his blood clot, supporting his Varsity team when he was sidelined for a knee injury or cheering on the Buffalo Bill ( hoping someday they would make the playoffs).

Tyler lived by the golden rule, “Treat others as you would want to be treated,” and that is what he showed his team and the Victor community.  Tyler loved and was passionate about his parents, brother, family , friends and the Victor community.  In memory of Tyler continue to be kind and never quit!  That is what “T Hutt” would do!

Our mission is to help kids and families from the Victor community who may come across struggles of their own.

2018 Victor Youth Football -- Tyler Hutt Award.  Congratulations Dylan Paolozzi 

On March 13th, 2018, Dylan was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. This is an incredibly rare disease affecting 1-2: 1,000,000 children per year. LCH is when your body overproduces Langerhan Cells which then accumulate and can take over your organs, central nervous system, lungs, skin or bone. The most recent research has found that LCH is more a cancer rather than an autoimmune disease and is treated at such.

Dylan has made it to every single practice and game all season long.  You would never know the ordeal he has been through based on his positive demeanor and the smile that never leaves his face.  He has done everything our coaching staff has asked of him and he is even willing to help us out with play calls every now and then!  Dylan shows up to every practice and game ready to play, gives full effort, shows positive sportsmanship, and he is very well liked by his teammates and coaches, most of whom do not even know about his health issues.